The files listed below contain concentration-mass tables according to the model of Diemer & Kravtsov 2015. Each file contains columns of redshift, peak height, mass, and concentration in multiple mass definitions (M200c, M2500c, M500c, Mvir and M200m), for both the median and mean statistics. Please see the colossus page for information on the code that can generate these files.

All cosmologies listed below are flat, ΩΛ = 1 – Ωm. References for the cosmologies are given in the colossus documentation. The ‘bolshoi’ and ‘millennium’ cosmologies refer to the Bolshoi and Millennium simulations, respectively. For the Planck and WMAP cosmologies, ‘-only’ indicates the best-fit cosmology using only CMB data, and ‘-ML’ indicates the maximum-likelihood cosmology rather than the best-fit cosmology (see the respective papers for details).

CosmologyΩmΩbH0σ8nsc-M file
planck150.30890.048667.740.81590.9667cM file
planck15-only0.30800.048467.810.81490.9677cM file
planck130.30710.048367.770.82880.9611cM file
planck13-only0.31750.049067.110.83440.9624cM file
WMAP90.28650.046369.320.82000.9608cM file
WMAP9-ML0.28210.046169.700.81700.9646cM file
WMAP9-only0.28140.046469.700.82000.9710cM file
WMAP70.27430.045870.200.81600.9680cM file
WMAP7-ML0.27150.045570.400.81000.9670cM file
WMAP7-only0.27110.045170.300.80900.9660cM file
WMAP50.27320.045670.500.81200.9600cM file
WMAP5-ML0.27690.045970.200.81700.9620cM file
WMAP5-only0.24950.043272.400.78700.9610cM file
millennium0.25000.045073.000.90001.0000cM file
bolshoi0.27000.046970.000.82000.9500cM file